The Right Fit
To us the right fit is more than just size. It is the right blend of material, design and construction, to deliver a versatile garment which is stylish yet timeless, tailored yet comfortable and detailed yet subtle. The right blend of these elements, ensure the right fit to be able to wear it all-day, every day and sit comfortably in your wardrobe as a style staple you can trust in, no matter the occasion.
Do you find it hard to find the right size and fit when shopping for menswear? At SUNWILL, we understand how important it is to find clothes that fit perfectly, making you feel comfortable and confident. That's why we offer a range of different fits and sizes.
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The right fit, every time
For us, the fit is more than just a size. Being experts in trouser making, we know exactly what it takes to design and produce the most comfortable pair of trousers. We also understand that the details are never just the details, but that they make the design. We carefully consider each detail–from the cut, to the material lining, to the smart features such as silicone strips in the waistband to keep a tucked-in shirt neatly in place–to ensure everything feels right. That is why our collections, such as the Extreme Flexibility Stretch and Traveller, answer to the wearer’s needs: versatility, comfort, durability, style and most importantly, the right fit, every time.


We pride ourselves on manufacturing trousers and menswear of the highest quality and that’s why up to 90% of our collection is produced in Europe, with production in our own factories too. Years of experience, development and knowledge in textile innovation, combined with our roots as tailors, is a testament to the craftsmanship of each garment we produce. We are proud to design collections which appeal to the modern man and we are just as committed today to delivering those to the highest of standards, as we were over four generations ago, when our first production began.

The right cut, the right fit and the right style
With an eye for detail and a commitment to high quality, we consider every element – from the fabric and design, to the placement of every button and stitch. We blend time-honoured tailoring traditions with modern material innovation to deliver extreme flexibility, ultimate comfort and a fresh aesthetic across our versatile range of premium menswear. Whether you seek classic trousers for all occasions or something special, the right pair of Sunwill trousers awaits.
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