We are passionate about the right fit and for us, the right fit is more than just size; it is the right fabric, the right details and making things in the right way so that clothes feel right, wear after wear. When it comes to style, we believe that clothes should not only be the right fit for one’s look; they should be the right fit for one’s lifestyle too. That’s why we’re excited to launch SUITED by SUNWILL; a journey of style inspiration by twenty style leaders, hand-picked as the right fit for the brand. Together with a carefully curated collection of style staples from SUNWILL, which blend timeless elegance with material innovation, they put each garment to the test, wearing them their way to fit their look, lifestyle as well as life’s different occasions.
The Right Fit
We invite you to explore the style possibilities of this collection of suits and stylish separates, which effortlessly meet the demands of modern-day versatility. Feeling inspired? Join the style revolution now and follow SUNWILL on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration, to create a wardrobe that’s the right fit for you.
The Right Fit
Whether you seek a look for waterside dining, al-fresco entertaining or cruising the streets of new cities this season, the latest collection blends crisp silhouettes with cool, lightweight stretch materials and a touch of urban style, for a spring-summer wardrobe which flexes with your every move and matches each occasion. Each garment is crafted of the highest quality, with the utmost attention to detail. With a tailored look and casual feel, choose the right fit for you this season from our range of smart-casual men’s shorts, patterned blazers, lightweight trousers and shirts, to relaxed hoodies, tops and cargo pants with a sleek urban style.
The Right Fit
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