In order to for you to get the most out of your Sunwill trousers, we spend a great deal of time selecting the right fabric and considering which qualities the trousers must have.

Some fabrics already possess these qualities in the strength of the fibres they are made from. For example, fabrics that contain linen have a relaxed quality, while fabrics that contain elastane are stretchy. There are other fabrics which we opt to refine by adding other qualities to them. For example in the dyeing process, in a mechanical process before the fabric is woven, by post-treating the fabric or the finished trousers – or many other ways. These qualities can be combined across the board, and new possibilities are opening up all the time.

We choose the different fabrics carefully and combine them with different techniques in order to achieve precisely those specific qualities that are needed in the individual garment.

Below you can read a little about some of the qualities we use to make Sunwill's trousers so unique.

Active Performance

Fabric with the name Active Performance has been specially treated to ensure that the wearer stays dry. The material is also extremely soft and allows the body to breathe, by drawing excess heat away from the body. Sunwill's Active Performance trousers are thus extremely comfortable to wear in both hot and cold weather, by always keeping the body dry and at the perfect temperature.


Çeramica® fabrics have been specially developed to meet the demands which today's men have for their trousers. The Çeramica® brand is synonymous with good quality and associated with comfort and flexibility. Çeramica®-treated fabrics have been given an Easy Care treatment, which means that the trousers do not crease. Likewise, the trousers are incredibly comfortable to wear. The Çeramica® treatment is also environmentally friendly.


Trousers that contain Kashmir are the deluxe model in trousers. Kashmir wool is one of the finest, softest and most expensive types of wool there is. By adding Kashmir, the fabric becomes warmer and softer and is thus very comfortable to wear.

Cool and Easy Wear

Trousers labelled as 'Cool and Easy Wear' are manufactured from fabric that has been pre-treated with softeners that give it a silky soft surface. The treatment ensures that the trousers retain a freshly pressed, crease-free appearance and that they are wonderfully comfortable to wear. The trousers are also machine washable.


Using fabric that contains cotton means you can obtain a more relaxed look than that associated with woollen trousers. Cotton is a very pleasant-feeling, natural material that feels nice on the skin and offers good comfort.

Easy Care

Fabrics treated with Easy Care have a special no-crease quality. Easy Care trousers allow you to retain a freshly pressed look for longer.


Linen and linen blend fabrics provide a relaxed look to the trousers. Linen is a natural material, which is why the trousers feel comfortable and look particularly good.


Coloursafe technology is a dyeing method that ensures colourfastness. The fabric is processed and treated prior to dyeing, which results in intense, dark colours. The colours do not fade, nor do they go grey - even after multiple washes.

Pima cotton

Pima cotton is one of the world's best quality cottons, right after Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton. Pima cotton has extra-long fibres and is thus ideal for the manufacture of luxury bath towels, sheets and not least, trousers. The average length of Pima cotton fibres is more than 3.66 cm longer than normal fibres, which makes Pima cotton especially durable and hard-wearing. Due to the very fine structure of Pima cotton, many fibres can be spun together into one thread, and the finely-woven Pima cotton thus gives the fabric a really nice appearance and makes it extra soft and comfortable.

  • Highly durable and hard-wearing
  • Extra soft comfort
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Less tendency to crease
Washing instructions should be followed.


Fabrics that contain silk give the trousers a soft texture and a beautiful appearance. If you want to treat yourself, then choose a pair of Sunwill trousers with silk.


We focus heavily on comfort here at Sunwill. All our models are developed to have a comfortable fit and the vast majority of our products are manufactured from stretch fabrics.

The material's ability to stretch comes from fibres that are woven into the fabric together with the other fibres. These fibres make the fabric extremely flexible and therefore comfortable. The elastic fibres are also able to return to their original shape after stretching. This means that trousers with stretch fabric keep their shape for longer.


Thermo fabrics look just like ordinary fabrics – but only on the outside. On the reverse side, they are lined with a soft material that is extremely insulating.

Choosing Sunwill's Thermo trousers is your guarantee of a pair of trousers that are sure to keep you warm. The trousers draw the moisture away from the body to keep the wearer warm and dry.


First impressions are crucial. At every business meeting, it is very important to send out the right signals from the start. The way you dress is also of critical importance. Although creased and messy clothes might not ruin a business meeting by themselves, they certainly won't help you to nail the deal.

It's not always that easy however to get to a meeting with the just-ironed look intact, when you must first negotiate the early morning rush hour by taxi or train, take a long and not necessarily pleasant flight with the associated delays at customs, or must simply survive the challenge of getting to a meeting downtown.

Which is why we have developed Traveller® – an exclusive mix of wool (43%), polyester (53%) and Elastane Lycra® (4%), which retains the smooth and freshly pressed look, regardless of whether you have just travelled 10 or 10,000 miles.

Water and stain resistant

In order to make the normal working day easier, some of our fabrics have been treated with a water- and stain-resistant finish. This treatment means that fluids spilled onto the trousers simply bounce off without soaking into the fabric.

You can therefore avoid staining your trousers – while also considering the environment, as you save on an extra round of laundry.


In order to achieve a higher level of comfort, we work with fabrics that combine the best qualities of both cotton and wool.

The visual impression is one of woollen trousers, but as the cotton is placed on the reverse side of the fabric, you will experience the same comfortable, relaxed feeling you would have if you were wearing a pair of trousers made exclusively from cotton.

Wool look

Despite our wool look trousers not containing even the tiniest gram of wool, they resemble a pair of nicely garneted wool trousers. You would normally wear wool trousers with a blazer, but with Sunwill's wool look trousers, you get the same look while retaining the comfortable and relaxed feeling normally only offered by a pair of cotton trousers.

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