Men's Waistcoats and Vests

Waistcoats used to be practical garments where gentlemen could store their watches and small change. Men’s vests used to be a kind of symbol of the bourgeoisie, while also being a kind of garment that labourers and farmers wore frequently. They were practical and very useful.

Vests fell by the wayside for many years, but they’re definitely back in the fashion picture now. Over the last few years, it’s become more and more common to see waistcoats being worn even by young people, and men frequently wear them with three-piece suits or a pair of chinos or jeans.
It can add a final stylish touch to any outfit, giving you a cool and elegant look.

Vests or waistcoats come and go in fashion – but the classic waistcoat has always been a permanent component of the formal suit.
The three-piece suit, which is made up of trousers, a blazer and a vest, looks smart and stylish and helps to underline that classic elegant style. Moreover, the waistcoat is a very practical addition to the suit. You can keep your pocket watch and other items in the pockets, so your small change and other bits and pieces are always to hand. But at SUNWILL, we reckon the coolest thing is that a vest helps you to maintain your elegant style even if you take off your jacket.

If you wear a classic waistcoat separately with a pair of jeans, it immediately takes on a different aura. And here, your own personal style and taste are the crucial factors. A waistcoat gives a classic, sophisticated look, regardless of whether you team it with a pair of cool, dark or washed jeans or a great pair of cotton chinos. In the summer months, you can even go the whole hog and team your vest with a pair of trendy shorts. In fact, vests have never been as versatile as they are today.

At SUNWILL, we work on the basis of the classic waistcoat in grey and blue shades. Our standard range includes a wide selection of more traditional waistcoats, while more daring designs can be found in our seasonal collections.

SUNWILL waistcoats are available in two fits. Regular is the classic fit, with standard width, and Modern is a custom fit giving a slim silhouette without being too narrow.
Whether you prefer one fit or the other is purely a matter of taste, but one thing both fits have in common is the fact that the quality is outstanding. The different styles are available both with and without adjustment at waist level at the back. All our waistcoats close with buttons at the front and come with two pockets. Some styles also have the piped breast pocket.
And of course, they’re available in a number of colours matching our superb blazers. These waistcoats also look absolutely fantastic with our selection of chinos or trousers.


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