Trousers for all occasions

Nothing defines an outfit like a pair of trousers. The trousers you choose to wear could transform a blazer from classic to cool – or both at once.
A pair of jeans worn with a T-shirt is a very casual look, while a pair of chinos worn with a blazer aim for a more classic style.

At SUNWILL, we do everything we can to offer trousers in a range of styles and fabrics, and in particular in lots of different sizes.
In fact, we’re so proud of our enormous range of trouser sizes that we reckon we could find trousers to fit almost any man.

By our own admission, we specialise in trousers. SUNWILL started trading in 1963 as a tailor of trousers, but since then we’ve developed into a men’s brand based on office wear, promotional clothing and fashion wear. Our product range also includes top quality SUNWILL jackets and waistcoats nowadays, but trousers for men are still our primary focus.

As far as we’re concerned, SUNWILL is all about well-being! We spend a lot of time wearing our trousers every day, so we reckon it’s incredibly important to make sure they sit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. SUNWILL’s trousers are particularly well known for their excellent fit and comfort that characterises all variants. Creating trousers that you feel comfortable in is our life’s work.
Whether you prefer a classic style or want greater flexibility and freedom of movement, SUNWILL can meet your needs.

We know that quality, comfort and not least detail are what make all the difference between a decent pair of trousers and a truly fantastic pair of trousers. That’s why SUNWILL’s motto is: It’s all in the detail…

For all occasions

Trousers are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. But typically, different situations and different times of the day influence your choice.
SUNWILL has trousers to suit all occasions. Whether you need to look presentable and well-dressed in a pair of classic woollen trousers, or whether you’re off partying in a stylish and distinguished outfit, we have trousers of all kinds to choose from.
And if you’re not aiming for formality, SUNWILL also offers cool jeans in both slim and stretch fits and fantastic chinos in lots of different variants and colours.
And regardless of whether you’re wearing a blazer and a pair of leather shoes, or whether you prefer a T-shirt and trainers, SUNWILL is sure to have the trousers to match.


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