Wrinkle free suits

The suit is the almost universal attire when it comes to smart, authoritarian menswear, which can be official, personal, stylish, elegant, festive and practical all at once.

The two or three-part suit originates from 16th century England, where the king made it mandatory for the upper middle classes to wear a black waistcoat in public. The 1800s saw the emergence of the first proper suit that we know today – where the jacket, trousers and waistcoat are made of the same material.

Funnily enough, the suit marked the start of informal attire for stays in the country and the seaside. Today the suit is regarded as more formal attire, emitting an air of authority and masculinity. Traditionally, suits were always made in shades of navy, grey or black, but they have become more fashionable in the last decade and are now available in numerous colours, materials and patterns.

For formal occasions, the suit comprises a shirt, tie and a smart pair of men’s shoes, but men also often combine suits with a T-shirt and a pair of trainers. This look projects a sense of style and class, but also reflects a more casual approach to the classic men’s fashion.

SUNWILL offers a fine collection of traditional suits with modern cuts and gorgeous details. We also have suits in a bistretch material, which is extremely flexible and almost impossible to crease.


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