SUNWILL Menswear

Quality is the most important factor for SUNWILL, both in terms of product and customer service.

SUNWILL has been supplying men’s trousers for over 50 years, and today we are known for our high standards, specifically within quality. We want to be able to stand by what we do, and we are not satisfied until we have a product that we ourselves would wear. Today we also make premium quality blazers and jeans.

Menswear is a world apart, and is not just about design and appearance, but also largely about comfort and durability.
For example, we know that when people buy a new blazer, they want it to last for several years, which is why it is essential that the fabric is of excellent quality. And even if it is a seasonal product, the design must be so timeless that it can easily be worn for several seasons.

Our trousers are sewn for the purpose of being worn – which is why we cannot accept poor quality fabric or crooked stitching. SUNWILL takes pride in our trousers being able to retain both their shape and colour, even after multiple washes.

SUNWILL produces two collections annually. The spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Our shop also contains our standard range, consisting of more blazers, suits, trousers and jeans.

Alongside fashion clothing, SUNWILL also makes promotional wear for many different companies. Our suits in the Traveller range are virtually crease-free, and their stretch properties make them really flexible to wear, giving you optimum comfort.

Our customers include security companies, transport companies, hotels, airlines and service companies.

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