A little about jeans

The name “jeans” comes from the word “Genoveser”. This dates back to the 19th century, when merchants from Genoa bought large quantities of denim – or serge, as it was originally known – from the French town of Nimes. The name “denim” is a contraction of the term “serge de Nimes”, which means serge from Nimes.

Jeans are probably the most popular and versatile garment in all walks of life, regardless of gender.
Jeans – or cowboy trousers, as the Danes call them – have taken the whole world by storm since they began to be worn by forest workers and miners in the US, and nowadays nearly everyone has a pair of jeans somewhere in their wardrobe.

A great pair of jeans is the obvious choice for a casual look. But that said, the disadvantage of many pairs of jeans is that the denim may seem rigid and inflexible – not ideal if your job requires you to do a lot of sitting down, for instance. The Super Stretch fabric used by SUNWILL contains more elastic fibres than other stretch fabrics. The elastic fibres woven into the fabric make garments particularly flexible, allowing them to follow the movements of your body.
As well as being extremely comfortable to wear, Super Stretch fabrics return to their original shape after being worn, so your garments keep their shape for longer.

The tale of these characteristic blue trousers began in Nevada in the US in 1873. Tailor Jacob Davis received an order for a pair of hardwearing work trousers. Davis made a pair of trousers from denim, and he inserted rivets in order to reinforce the seams. This was a very new and different approach.

The rivets made a huge difference, and demand for these hardwearing, durable trousers grew rapidly.
As a result of this enormous demand, Davis asked textile manufacturer Levi Strauss for help with mass production. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Over the last 150 years, jeans have made the transition from workwear to more day-to-day trousers. A cool pair of jeans looks great with a T-shirt or a blazer. You can wear them in a relaxed style, or more formally. You can almost wear them for any occasion, and the many different colours and washes mean you have an almost infinite range of combinations to choose from.

Jeans are a relatively new product in the SUNWILL range, but we have a great deal of expertise in this regard. The grandfather of our director John C. Engels was one of the first people to bring denim workwear to Europe in 1927, after spending some time in the US. So we have more than 90 years of experience with this hardwearing fabric.
We take pride in producing very high quality garments, and we have a great eye for detail – as you’ll see from our range of jeans. We produce smart, trendy and cool jeans without compromising on quality and fit.


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