Chinos are very versatile trousers that can be worn both formally and casually. These have gradually become a must-have in every male wardrobe.
Chinos are so much more than just khaki-coloured cotton trousers nowadays. They’re available in all kinds of designs, colours and styles, they’re really comfortable to wear and they suit any outfit.

The word “chinos” is used nowadays to refer to relaxed cotton trousers.
But originally, chinos were khaki-coloured cotton trousers developed in 1846 for British troops stationed in India. 50 years later, American soldiers began to be kitted out with similar trousers during the Spanish-American war. The trousers were imported from China, and in the former Spanish colony of the Philippines these trousers were referred to as “pantalones chinos” – Chinese trousers. These trousers rapidly became a permanent part of the standard American army uniform.

After the Second World War chinos became a regular part of the everyday American wardrobe, particularly among students.

The 1950s and 1960s with the truly great age of chinos, but it wasn’t long before the fashion world began to lose interest in these otherwise fantastic trousers.
But they made a return to the male wardrobe in the 2000s, and nowadays they’re a popular part of any cool and classic look.

Classic chinos come with inclined pockets at the front, with piped pockets at the back.
We’re not afraid of issuing challenges and renewing concepts here at SUNWILL, and our range offers lots of different types of chinos. And they all come with those characteristic inclined front pockets and piped back pockets. Some of our models are entirely basic, while others come with tiny details that make these trousers more exciting. One thing all chinos have in common is the fact that they’re carefully manufactured so that you can really experience that interaction between the perfect fabric and the perfect details.

Chinos go really well with our selection of classic blazers and waistcoats, and they’re cool and on-trend when worn with a T-shirt and a pair of trainers.

Chinos to suit all sizes

We know that what looks great on one person will look terrible on someone else.

SUNWILL offers:
Regular fit - a classic fit with knees and ankles of standard width
Modern fit - a custom fit giving a slim silhouette without being too narrow
Fitted fit - a narrow fit with a lower rise
The narrow legs of our Slim fit chinos - an extra narrow fit with a lower rise, provide an elegant silhouette.


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