Full dress attire

Full dress attire covers the suit you wear at really special occasions, such as gala events, cocktail parties, New Year’s Eve receptions and the like.

SUNWILL’s full dress range consists of morning suits and dinner jackets.

Morning suit

The morning suit, also known as ‘coat and tails’ or a tailcoat, is the most formal menswear you can find in a gentleman’s wardrobe. The suit is worn at gala events and, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, it is also worn as lodge attire. In Denmark, the morning suit is also worn at shooting events.

The suit comprises an open tailcoat jacket with long tails, hence the name, and a pair of black trousers with a black stripe down the side.
The cut of the jacket follows a military dress, which means it is short at the front and long at the back with a split tail. The morning suit dates back to the 1700s, when men were often seen in ‘dress’. At the end of the 1700s, fashion changed and the standard men’s suit broke on to the scene, alongside the riding jackets.

Full dress is often referred to as white tie, which means that the suit is a white waistcoat and a white bow or bow tie. However, you can also use black tie, where the white waistcoat is replaced with a black one.

Dinner jacket

The dinner jacket is also known as a tuxedo. The dinner jacket is usually a black jacket with a satin lining. The trousers worn with the jacket are the same ones that are worn as part of the morning dress, but the dinner jacket is much less formal, which also means it can be worn at more occasions.

The jacket or dinner jacket (DJ) as it is known in the UK, is one that men used to put on to smoke in after dinner. This British fashion item then reached the US, where it was introduced by James Potter from Tuxedo Park – hence the name tuxedo.

Many believe wrongly that the dinner jacket is the correct attire for a church wedding. But this is not the case. For a wedding, the correct attire would be white tie – but only if the groom is also wearing it, so keep an eye on the invitation, which usually states the dress code required.


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