Dressed to party

If you’re invited to a wedding, you may find a dress code has been defined.
Nowadays many people attend weddings wearing a smart suit, but it’s becoming more and more common for invitations to stipulate “black tie”, “dinner suit” or “formal attire”. And in that case, all you can do is wear a dinner suit.

And if “white tie” or “morning dress” is the stipulation, gentlemen are expected to turn up in white tie or uniform. White tie, or full evening dress, is the most formal item in any gentleman’s wardrobe. It consists of high-waisted black trousers, a tailcoat and a white shirt and white bow tie.

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It’s important to check whether the wedding will be taking place in a church, or whether the ceremony will be held outdoors or at a castle. dinner suit is a no-go in church, so if it’s a church wedding and the invitation says, “morning dress”, you have to wear a dress suit in church and then change into your dinner suit afterwards.

But if the ceremony is being held outdoors, you can wear your dinner suit throughout, even if the wedding is being held before 5pm – a wedding is one of the few times when you’re allowed to wear a dinner suit before 5pm.

A rule of thumb for any wedding is that no guests are allowed to be better dressed than the bridegroom. So, if the bridegroom is wearing a smart suit, a dinner suit is off-limits to you. But if he’s wearing black tie, you can wear the same.

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Sunwill suit

Weddings are a huge event for the happy couple, so if they have any special requests with regard to what their guests should wear, you should respect these. If you’re not sure what the dress code is, the safest thing to do is always to ask the couple.


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