What does stretch mean?

Descriptions of trousers, blazers and suits often include terms such as super stretch, flexible, performance or something else. But what do they actually mean?

At SUNWILL, we use the terms stretch, super stretch, weftstretch, bi-stretch and Extreme Flexibility. Below is an explanation of what these terms really mean.

Common to all the terms is that the clothes are flexible and elastic, and therefore extremely comfortable to wear. The stretch coms from the weave method used, or from elastic fibres woven into the fabric - or a combination of both. Knitted fabrics tend to be more elastic than woven fabrics. By using the right elastic fibres, you ensure that the fabric contracts back to its point of origin after each stretch, which helps ensure that the clothing retains its shape.


Stretch / Weft stretch / Bi-stretch

With stretch / weft stretch, the fabric is slightly stretchy, giving it increased comfort. The fabric is only stretched in one direction (horizontally), as the elastic fibres are only present in the threads going in one direction.

For bi-stretch, the fabric is woven with stretchy fibres in both the warp and weft threads. This means that the fabric can stretch in both directions - both horizontally and vertically.

At SUNWILL, Weft stretch is typically used in our trousers and our 6904 suits, while our popular Traveller series is made with Bi-stretch.

Sunwill stretch
Strech (BI-stretch & Weft-stretch)
Sunwill super stretch
Super Stretch
Sunwill Extreme Flexibility
Extreme Flexibility

Super stretch

In our Super stretch fabrics, the quantity of elastic fibres is increased, making the fabric significantly more stretchy. It is still important that the fabric contracts back to its point of origin. Super stretch is typically used in our chinos and jeans.

Super stretch

Extreme Flexibility

Extreme Flexibility is even more stretchy than Super Stretch. This tends to be used in knitted products, which also contain elastic fibres or woven fabrics, and which have been made extremely stretchy either through the weave method or by using an even greater proportion of elastic.

Extreme Flexibility is our latest stretch product.

Extreme Flexibility


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